Stewardship Renewal

Stewardship is a way of life. It is a life-long journey to help bring us closer to God and one another. This year we are asking all of our parishioners to join us on this faith journey.

How do I get started?

1. Make a commitment to spend more time communicating with God.
Consider attending a weekday Mass. Try starting your day with a few minutes of quiet prayer or take some time in the evening to read the Bible. When you pray, don’t spend all the time telling God what problems you want Him to solve in the world. Instead, be still and ask God what He wants you to do. Then listen carefully. Listen to hear if God is calling you to a more active participation in our parish.

2. Read the Stewardship booklet (see link below).
It explains that true Stewardship is “a way of life”. It offers some thoughtful insights on how we can share what we have been blessed with - with our family, our parish and our community. Think about your own life. Ask yourself - “Am I placing God first when it comes to sharing the gifts He has given me? Am I doing the best I can to help others?”

Stewardship Guidebook

This Stewardship Guidebook has been provided through the generosity of a Christian Steward and the Stewardship: A Mission of Faith foundation. Additional copies are available in our church and upon request from our parish office. If you are a church or organization and you are interested in requesting multiple copies of this booklet, you are encouraged to contact the Stewardship: A Mission of Faith Foundation.