Required Clearances

Safe Environment Requirements

The Diocese of Pittsburgh requires that all volunteers in ministry with children comply with the Safe Environment Policy which includes the following components:

  • Diocesan Database and National Criminal Record Check
  • PA Criminal Record Check (Completed with step one)
  • PA Child Abuse History
  • Protecting God's Children Workshop
  • Pastoral Code of Conduct
  • Child Protective Services Law Acknowledgement
  • Mandated Reporter Training - As required by position

Diocesan Online Database

All adults who have regular contact with minors are to complete the Diocese of Pittsburgh's database application. Once this application is completed, it will also be used to obtain a Pennsylvania State Police criminal record check. If you do not already have the access code, please contact the parish office.

PA Criminal Record Check

Required for all volunteers, ages 18 and above, who work in ministry with children or teens. Please print, complete, and sign.  Must be renewed every FIVE years.  This is now completed with the Database application above.

PA Child Abuse History Clearance

Required for all volunteers, age 18 and above, who work in ministry with children. Please print, complete, and sign. Must be renewed every FIVE years.   

Click here for the form and instructions.

Please note:

  • Name & address are YOUR name and address
  • Social Security Number is not mandatory
  • Purpose of Clearance is VOLUNTEERS
  • List ALL addresses and household members since 1975 -- the clearance will be delayed if information is missing.  This includes parents, siblings, children, spouse, roommates, etc.
If you have any questions please contact the parish office.