Prayer Requests

Special Intentions

Do you have a special need or concern that you would like our parish to pray for? There are two ways to add your concern to our list of special intentions.

  • You can enter your intention in one of the Prayer Intention books located in the rear of the church (near the candle racks).
  • You can contact the Parish office via phone or email to request that your intention be added.

Prayer Requests for those Who Are Ill

Holy Trinity publishes a list in the bulletin each week of all those who are ill and have requested our prayers. If you would like to add your name or the name of a loved one to this list, please contact the Parish office via phone or email (see contact info at right).

In most cases all names submitted to the parish office by Monday morning will appear in the following Sunday bulletin.

Mass Intentions

Mass intentions are available for parish weekday and weekend Masses for the repose of the soul of a deceased loved one or on the occasion of a serious illness. The person for whom the Mass is offered is remembered in a special way by name in the Prayers of the Faithful, and their name is printed in the parish bulletin among the Mass Intentions listed for the week they will be remembered. If you would like to have a loved one remembered at a parish Mass, please contact our parish office to schedule an available time.