Giving Opportunities

Weekly Offertory and Special Collections

The weekly offertory collections taken during our weekend masses are an important source of income for our parish.

Your weekly financial contributions make a big difference in our parish. Here are just a few ways your weekly gift is used:

  • To pay for the utilities which keep the parish buildings and school facilities running efficiently for all those who gather for prayer, education or social ministry.
  • To purchase the many supplies that are needed for our liturgies and sacraments, including hosts, wine, candles, prayer books and hymnals.
  • To support the programs and staff which provide services to our nearly 2,000 parish families
  • To maintain the parish facilities and grounds so that our parishioners and visitors enjoy a positive welcoming experience each time they visit

Every registered parishioner who has not enrolled with Faith Direct (our electronic Offertory program) will receive personalized weekly offertory envelopes by mail. You can use these envelopes to make your regular offertory contributions at Mass and they will help us to record your donation amounts for tax purposes. Envelopes will also be provided for special collections and Holy Days.

If you are not a registered parishioner or do not have your envelopes with you, you can simply drop your contribution into the offertory basket when it is passed. Blank envelopes with a place to write your name and/or envelope number on them are available at the end of the pew as well.

Faith Direct

Faith Direct is a convenient and secure way for you to make your donations to Holy Trinity electronically via automatic debit to your checking account or credit card. This new program has proven to be very popular with many of our parishioners – young and old alike. Participating in Faith Direct provides many benefits to you and to the parish as well. Getting started is simple and only takes a few minutes.

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Parish Share

To support the efforts of our Bishop and Diocese we are each asked to participate in the Parish Share Program. This is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to take part in the many ministries and outreaches of the Diocese.

Your contributions to Parish Share make possible Catholic Charities, Catholic Education, the St. Anthony’s Program, College Campus Ministry, Seminary Formation, Hospital Chaplaincy, and Crisis Pregnancy Centers, to name a few. In fact, some of the wonderful things that happen at this parish occur because of the Parish Share Program. In addition Holy Trinity gets to keep 100% of all funds collected above our Parish Share assessment tax free.

If you would like to make a contribution to Parish Share there are several options –

  • Designate a portion of your weekly offertory contribution to Parish Share on the line provided on the offertory envelopes
  • Designate a weekly or monthly amount to contribute to Parish Share in your Faith Direct setup.
  • Contact the parish office to make a one-time donation or set up a regular (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) pledge

Church Beautification

Holy Trinity is in the midst of a multi-phase church beautification project. Phase 1 which was completed recently made many improvements to our church including new family and handicap accessible restrooms, a Bride’s room, a Children’s Cry room and other popular features. Fundraising for the next phase is nearly complete and all contributions are welcome. If you are interested in donating please contact the Parish office for a list of options based on your preference (one-time gift, pledge etc.).


Many people choose to contribute to Holy Trinity in memory of a deceased loved one or to mark a special occasion. If you would like to learn more about the options for doing this please contact the Parish office.

Simple ways to support Holy Trinity Parish

IRA Charitable Rollovers – Those over 70½ years of age may make gifts of up to $100,000 for charitable purposes from their minimum distribution and/or the principal of their Traditional IRA's (Individual Retirement Accounts) without having to claim those funds as income.
Contact your IRA custodian and instruct them to prepare checks made payable to your parish's Our Campaign for The Church Alive!, your Parish Share donation or any other restricted or unrestricted gift to your Holy Trinity Parish This program is especially beneficial to donors who use the short form when filing their income tax.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock – Your gift of appreciated stock to the Diocese avoids capital gains tax and can be restricted for a parish use such, as a capital campaign, building fund, scholarship, Parish Share, or given unrestricted for the parish's greatest need. The tax impact of the technique you use to give appreciated stock to the Church will vary greatly. If you sell stock and give the proceeds to the Church, you will pay income tax on the gain. Of course, you will be able to claim a charitable donation. If, however, you give the stock to the Church you avoid the tax. You will also be entitled to the charitable contribution deduction for the fair market value of the stock on the day the Church receives it.

Charitable Gift Annuities – This tool enables you to make a gift to Holy Trinity Parish and provide you with monthly income. For example, Mike, a 75 year-old who invests $50,000 in a diocesan gift annuity can generate an immediate gift of $19,246 for Holy Trinity Parish and receive monthly income payments of $241 for life. That beats getting 1% or 2% on a CD, and there's an immediate income tax deduction and payments can be direct deposited into your account. A gift annuity also takes the amount you donate out of your estate.

Bequests – You can instruct your attorney to make a provision in your will or living trust using this language: "I give, devise and bequeath (the following amount $_____ or percentage % of my estate, or percentage of the remainder of my estate or property) to Holy Trinity Parish at (include our address)".

Beneficiary Designations – You can make a Holy Trinity a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan.

Outright Gifts of Life Insurance – You can give a paid-up life insurance policy to Holy Trinity Parish and receive a charitable tax deduction for the net cash value in the policy. Such gifts can be used to endow scholarship for our school students or support an important project.

For information on any these or other gift ideas, please contact B.J. Osso, Holy Trinity's Director of Development, at or 412-787-2140, ext.101, or Paul Stabile, Diocesan Director of Planned Giving in the Office for Stewardship at or 412-456-3055.

To secure maximum benefits in your estate planning, we recommend that you consult with legal and financial advisors.