40 Days for Life Prayer

Apr 16 11:00am - 3:00pm Respect Life

in front of Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh

We attend in 2 shifts meeting at HT parking lot at 10:15 or 12:15 to pray between 11-1 or 1-3.

Why should I pray at Planned Parenthood?

  1. It brings the love of Christ to Women who are in crisis.
  2. It lets people know they have options. Did you know that 73.8% of women who have an abortion experienced “pressure” from others to make that choice?
  3. A child in the womb is a child of God. When you pray at Planned Parenthood, you will be supporting trained counselors who are there to offer support and present options to women with troubled pregnancies. The counselors are the only ones interacting with the women having troubled pregnancies.

Call Helen Stamatakis at 412-480-2908 or email phstama88@verizon.net if you would like to rideshare