A Leadership Update from Archangel Gabriel School President Dr. Christine Assetta Regarding Nominations for School Advisory Council

06-23-2019Weekly ReflectionDr. Christine Assetta

At Fr. Dave's request, this week's administrative message comes from the president of the new Archangel Gabriel School, Dr. Christine Assetta.

Archangel Gabriel School Principal Mrs. Militzer and I are appreciative of the warm welcome we are receiving from the Archangel Gabriel School community as well as the parishioners from RocKenRo Catholic grouping of Holy Trinity, St. John of God, and St. Malachy. As an instructional leadership team, we feel blessed to work together to achieve a common goal. We are both committed to establishing AGS as an educational institution that focuses on Catholic values and academic excellence. Through our efforts and the direct involvement of our AGS and RocKenRo community, we strive to create an exemplary model of a Pre-K-8 Catholic School in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

As we move forward in establishing Archangel Gabriel School, it has been a high priority for us to promote parental involvement in identifying and achieving goals for success. We also invite our RocKenRo parishioners to consider becoming involved in the planning process through participation in the School Advisory Council.

The School Advisory Council, which meets at least six times throughout the year, provides assistance to the Archangel Gabriel President, Principal, and Pastor for the good of the community. Membership on the local/regional Catholic School Advisory Council gives one the opportunity to participate significantly in an important aspect of the Church's ministry. The Council is established by the Pastor(s), with the assistance of the President and the Principal. The Councils, as governed by their bylaws, are consultative and in those areas defined in the diocesan policy. In view of the many demands on the Catholic school President and Principal, assistance from a group of people who are committed to the Catholic school and are willing to work for the good of the school and parish is paramount. Ex‐officio members of the Advisory Council shall be the Pastor(s), President, and Principal. In order to better understand the role of the Advisory Council, please review the vision and mission statement listed below.


The Archangel Catholic School Advisory Board will guide and advise the Pastor, President, and Principal in all aspects of school life to promote an exceptional and unique Catholic School experience for all students.


The School Advisory Board will advise the Pastor, President, and Principal in ways that foster and continue Catholic values and spiritual growth for the students, faculty, and staff, further improve the school's fiscal health, and continue to provide a truly exceptional academic experience for all students. If you are interested in being considered to participate on School Advisory Council, you may nominate yourself or another person who would be an asset to the council. Please email me with the nomination and include your/the nominated individual's name/email/phone number by Monday, July 1. Also include a brief explanation (several sentences) explaining why you or the individual that you nominated would add value to the Advisory Council. The pastoral and AGS leadership team will review the nominations and select approximately 20 people to participate.

May God Bless Us,
Christine Assetta, Ed.D.
Archangel Gabriel School President