Holy Trinity parish has many active and dynamic ministries for you to volunteer and get involved with.

Take a minute to peruse the list below to find something you may be interested in.  Our ministries are always glad to welcome a new member!  Many of our ministries also have activities or projects that they sometimes need help with even if you are not interested in joining their group long-term. Find a ministry that appeals to you and give them a call – you’ll be glad you did!

Altar Ministries

Altar Servers
Altar servers assist the priest during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Being an altar server is a great opportunity for Catholic boys and girls of Holy Trinity Parish to serve God and His Church.  Interested youth can begin serving in fourth grade and may continue into their high school years. Click here for more info.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the priest at the Mass in the distribution of Holy Communion and also in bringing Holy Communion to the elderly and home-bound members of the parish.

Men or women can serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.  If you think you would like to serve our parish in this important role, click here for more info.

Lectors make the public proclamations of God's Word. On Sunday lectors do two readings, and on other special feasts and ceremonies, they serve in the delivery of various readings of the scriptures. If you would like to volunteer as a lector at Holy Trinity, call us to learn more. Men and women are welcome to serve as lectors and we have lectors of all ages.  Click here for more info.

Being an usher is very rewarding and men and women are welcome to be an usher.  Good ushers are “people-persons” who make people coming into the church feel welcome and appreciated.   The Usher’s group is are always looking for reliable, conscientious, energetic, caring and dedicated people willing to serve.  If you are interested in volunteering as an usher  we’d love to hear from you! Click here for more info.

Sacristans are a "manager of the sacristy". They arrive at church a half an hour before Mass and prepare for the Eucharistic Liturgy. They fill chalices with wine, and ciboriums with hosts to be consecrated at Mass and make sure that all items used during Mass are in place. They also make sure the lights and sound system are on and if the altar servers are late or not present they make sure the candles are lit, and attend to other duties as needed. After Mass they make sure everything is put away properly and note anything that might be running low.

Wedding Coordinators
A Parish wedding coordinator educates the wedding party about all of the events that will take place inside the church on the day of the wedding and helps to coordinate them. The wedding coordinator also meets with the wedding party on the day of the rehearsal to help ensure that the bride and groom's special day comes off smoothly. They are present at the wedding to remind and assist as needed so the family can enjoy the day.

Ladies of Charity

Ladies of Charity was the first of the great foundations established by St Vincent de Paul. He said, “The confraternity of the Ladies of Charity sprang from God in order to honor our Lord Jesus Christ as the source and model of all charity.” Ladies of Charity imitate the Divine Savior by providing for the corporal and spiritual needs of the poor in the spirit of humility, simplicity, and charity.

Meeting Times
The Ladies of Charity meet once a month for approximately 1½ hours. The meeting dates and times vary.  

Join Us!
The Ladies of Charity welcome women of all ages and backgrounds  who want to minister to the spiritual and material needs of those who are ill, elderly or financially stressed. The group is open to women of all professions, homemakers and retirees who are motivated by the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac to help others. To learn more, you can call them at the number below. They will be glad to hear from you!  

Marguerite Thomas 412-787-1296

Music Ministry

There is a venerable saying that to sing once is to pray twice. Music adds beauty as we lift our minds and hearts to God in worship.  At Holy Trinity, the Music Ministry strives for excellence as we seek to give glory to God.  There are several groups within the Music Ministry.  These include –

Holy Trinity Mass Choir
Our Choir is comprised of very dedicated parishioners and sings at the 10:00 Mass each Sunday morning between September and May. They also sing for special liturgies throughout the year including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter If you like to sing, come and join your voice with ours! 

Holy Trinity Cantors
Cantors are leaders of song for our liturgies. Each Cantor sings an average of two or three Masses each month, depending on availability. 

Worship Committee
The Worship Committee exists to ensure that the liturgical and musical life of Holy Trinity parish is vital, appropriate, and relevant. It is a collaborative effort that includes members from various aspects of ministry at Holy Trinity including, but not limited to, Music Ministry, Art and Environment, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Pastoral Council, and the Ushers.

Click here to learn more about our Music Ministry.

Youth/Young Adult Ministries

Holy Trinity has several ministries serving the needs of youth and young adults.  They are:

Middle School Ministry
Holy Trinity’s Middle School Ministry is geared to children in 5th through 8th grade of Holy Trinity School or our Parish CCD Program.

Youth Ministry
Holy Trinity’s Youth Group is for high school students in Grades 8-12. Youth

Young Adult Ministry
Our Young Adult Ministry is open to all between the ages of 18-39.  You’ll find people from all walks of life here– single, married, even priests!

If any of these programs appeal to you, you are encouraged to get involved.  There are many activities throughout the year and your help and participation will be welcome.  For more information, click here.

Welcome Ministry

The Welcome Ministry’s goal is to provide a warm welcome to families and adults who are new to our parish and encourage current members to become active and involved in our parish in countless ways.  The Welcome Ministry is always looking for new members to help them with our efforts! Please click here for more info.

Other Opportunities to Get Involved

In addition to the Ministries above, Holy Trinity has a number of other worthwhile committees and groups to get involved with.

For a list of these, please explore the links below –  


Parish Events & Fundraising

Affiliated Organizations:
Beginning Experience
Knights of Columbus
St. Vincent de Paul Society