Our History

Holy Trinity was established on December 7, 1944. The origin of the parish can be traced back to 1906, when a group of residents in Moon Run formally petitioned the bishop for a new parish. The bishop determined that there were not enough Catholics in the area to support a parish.

However, in 1908, a mission of St. Columbkille Parish, Imperial was established in Moon Run. Work began on a church and the first Mass in the parish was celebrated in the basement of the church on August 19, 1908.

Work continued on the superstructure of the church and the completed building was solemnly dedicated on May 30, 1909. In the years that followed, seven pastors from St. Columbkille guided the parish’s mission, growth and development.

Over the years, the population of Robinson Township grew slowly. By 1944, the diocese decided that the population had grown enough to support an independent parish. The parish was established with 168 families and a resident pastor, Rev. Giles J. Krysmalski, was assigned.

In 1946, the first permanent rectory was built adjoining the church.

After World War II, construction of the Parkway West and the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport led to a rapid rise of population.

By 1951, the parish began to outgrow its church. The parish purchased eleven acres of land and a ten room house for a larger parish plant in April of 1951. The property was renamed “Trinity Acres”, the present site of the parish complex.

Construction of a school building that would include a temporary church began in 1952. The completed church/school building was dedicated on June 20, 1954.

The old church was converted to a parish hall but was then sold in 1959.

Holy Trinity School opened for the first time in September, 1954. The first five grades were staffed by the Sisters of St. Francis, of the Providence of God. The Sisters used the old rectory as their convent until the building of a new, permanent convent was completed n August of 1956.

1957 marked the 25th anniversary of the priesthood of the pastor, Fr. Kris and also the erection of the second school with 8 classrooms and an auditorium.

The first assistant assigned to the parish was Fr. George Saladna in 1959, who served Holy Trinity until being replaced by Fr. John Staab in 1960. By 1961 the present rectory was completed with offices and suites for three resident priests and two housekeepers.

On August 9, 1964, ground was broken for the permanent church. Construction was completed in 1966 and on August 27, 1966, the first Mass was celebrated in the new church by Fr. Krysmalski. However, the building was not formally dedicated until May 14, 1967.

Fr. Staab left Holy Trinity in 1968 and was replaced by Fr. Edward Suhoza.

In the ensuing years, the decrees of Vatican II were implemented. A Saturday evening Mass was added on June 6, 1970. Six men of the parish were granted permission to distribute Holy Communion in January, 1970. In 1973 Fr. Suhoza was reassigned and Fr. Frank Mitolo was assigned to the parish. 1974 marked the 30th anniversary of Fr. Kris’ priesthood.

Fr. Mitolo developed a Holy Trinity Dinner Theatre in 1976 which proved extremely popular. 1976 also saw the hiring of Sister Agnes McCormick of the Sisters of Charity. Sister Agnes began pastoral services of visiting the sick and updating the census. One of Sr. Agnes’ projects was the “Young at Heart” group which held its first meeting in September, 1977.

In October, 1977 a dinner in the newly remodeled cafeteria marked the 45th anniversary of Fr. Kris. Fr. William Schwartz was named assistant in 1978.

January of 1979 found Holy Trinity and the community saddened at the death of its beloved pastor and friend on January 5th.

Fr. Schwartz served as administrator until Fr. Robert Herrmann assumed the pastorate on January 31st. Fr. Schwartz remained as assistant and Rev. Mr. John Rushofsky was assigned to Holy Trinity to serve as a deacon. In the same year, 1979, after 34 years as housekeeper and organist, Josephine Duran retired from service to Holy Trinity.

Various projects were undertaken by Fr. Herrmann and the parish council, such as, a new bell tower in honor of Fr. Kris, remodeling of the confessionals to reconciliation rooms to conform to the Vatican II regulation.

The Fr. Kris memorial bells were played for the first time on Christmas, 1979. 1979 saw the addition of two staff members: Mr. Thomas Stehle as Music Minister and Rev. Mr. Geoffrey Schneider as deacon.

The Fr. Kris Memorial Bell Tower was erected in May, 1980 and dedicated on September 1, 1981.

1980 saw a campaign with the goals of purchasing a new pipe organ, updating the sanctuary and removing asbestos from the ceiling. 1980 also saw a new bulletin format and the installation of 23 Eucharistic ministers, both men and women, to help with the distribution of Holy Communion.

Rev. Mr. Donald Fix replaced Rev. Schneider as Deacon. Following Fr. Fix’s ordination, Fr. John O’Shea was assigned as Deacon in January, 1981. The church updates were completed in 1981.

Fr. Thomas Galvin came to Holy Trinity as Deacon following the ordination of Fr. O’Shea. Fr. Schwartz was assigned as a pastor in 1982. He was replaced by Rev. Andrew Fischer as associate pastor.

Mr. Dennis Delle Donne, who served an internship at Holy Trinity, was ordained a Deacon on March 5, 1983 at Holy Trinity. Rev. Robert Herrmann celebrated his 25th anniversary of ordination in May of 1983.

Fr. William Scholz was assigned to Holy Trinity in 1988. In 1989 Fr. John Fitzgerald was assigned as a resident priest while serving as chaplain to the Airport and Air National Guard.

In 1999, parishioner Mr. Tim Killmeyer was ordained to the permanent diaconate and was assigned to Holy Trinity Parish. He continues to serve the parish in many ways.

Fr. Herrmann retired from Holy Trinity in 2007 and was replaced by Fr. Gary Oehmler as Pastor.

Fr. Oehmler was reassigned in 2009 and Fr. Kenneth Keene was appointed pastor. In 2010 Fr. Barry O’leary was assigned as associate pastor. Fr. O’Leary was reassigned and Monsignor Joseph Lamonde was assigned as a resident priest while overseeing the Office of Institutional Ministries.

With the “New” church now over 40 years old, the buildings and grounds committee has begun an ambitious program to refurbish and update the inside of the church.

The next Chapter in our Parish History may just be written by YOU!

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